a propos de glagla shoes

Glagla is a French innovation ! This ventilated shoe is designed to allow total air circulation and is 2 to 3 times more ventilated than a "normal" shoe. Light and machine washable, it is so comfortable that it gives you the feeling of walking barefoot. Available for men, women and children, this shoe is perfect for summer, Indoor sports and water sports. For more information.


a propos de glagla shoes

The Glagla shoes are a combination of technologies, specially designed for the comfort of your feet! The inside of the shoe is 100% made of bamboo (integrated to the Bamboo Layer Technology), « NeoTech » insole made of micro-cellular Polyurethane, Drytech For more information.


a propos de glagla shoes

The Glagla shoes can be used in several professional environnements! Healthcare, restauration, sports... feel free to contact us to know more about it. We are also working on a Concept store, built for your comfort. We are currently looking for partners willing to join us in this adventure! Contact us.

Ultra light shoes, ventilated and connected to track your performances.

New type of concept.

Comfort 2.0

This shoe is 2 to 3 times more ventilated than any other "normal" shoe. It offers a unique comfort to your feet.

Wear it wherever you are.

Glagla shoes are so lightweight and so practical you can use them in town, in the country, for sport or even at home.

Many advantages

50% less transpiration, easy to fit with or without socks.

Last footwear Technologies.

The connected glagla shoes are made with the best wear technologies. Everything is thought to make the best shoe in the world.